Valtrex — The Herpes Medication

Valtrex — What Is It?

Valtrex is an antiviral medication used to treat infections caused by herpes simplex virus. Herpes simplex is the virus that causes herpes, both type 1 and 2.

Herpes Treatment

It may be disheartening to learn you have herpes but with proper treatment, you can live a happy and healthy life. If you have been diagnosed with herpes, most likely your doctor has already sat down with you to create a treatment plan. If you had an outbreak when you were diagnosed, you may have been given medication already as well as a prescription and a plan for treating or preventing future outbreaks.

Valtrex works great to treat herpes outbreaks and is often used to prevent or reduce recurrent outbreaks. It is still possible to spread herpes to others even while on Valtrex treatment so you should still practice safe sex measures.

There are different ways in which Valtrex can be used. It is used to treat herpes simplex type 1, herpes simplex type 2 and herpes zoster virus. Often it is used to treat oral herpes. When used for treating cold sores, Valtrex should not be taken for more than one day. 2 doses, one every 12 hours, is usually sufficient to treat the cold sores.

Suppressive Therapy

Valtrex is also used for suppressive therapy. Reasons you may want suppressive therapy are:

  • You have more than 6 outbreaks a year
  • Your partner does not have herpes
  • Your outbreaks are extremely painful and/or bothersome

You should talk to your doctor if you are considering suppressive therapy to see if it is right for you. This may involve taking one pill of Valtrex every day to prevent outbreaks from occurring.

Outbreak Therapy

Most people with herpes use Valtrex as outbreak therapy. This means they use it when an outbreak occurs to help heal it. With outbreak therapy, you are treating each episode at a time. Usually after time of using Valtrex this way, your outbreaks will become less severe and less recurrent.

If you are diagnosed with herpes, you should talk to your doctor to find out if Valtrex and outbreak therapy is right for you.

Buy Valtrex

Where do you buy Valtrex? Typically, your doctor will prescribe Valtrex as treatment and you can get it at your local pharmacy. If your doctor has prescribed Valtrex, YOU CAN SAVE MONEY by filling the prescription online at credible pharmaceutical retailers.

Be aware that certain medical conditions can be complicated by using Valtrex so you must consult your doctor first.

Buying Generic Valtrex

Can you get generic Valtrex? Is there a cheaper or generic brand that I can get a prescription for? With the price of prescription drugs, it is likely for a person to search for a generic or cheaper brand of medication to use. The same thing goes for Valtrex. There are generic brands called Valvirex and Valacyclovir being sold on the market. You do have to be careful of drugs that may be manufactured in another country and may not abide by our country’s safe drug standards.

Valtrex is meant to be taken by healthy adults. This is why you should only take if it has been prescribed to you, and you should inform your doctor if you have HIV, bone marrow disease, kidney transplant or similar conditions that would cause a weakened immune system.

Possible side effects of Valtrex include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Loss of appetite

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