The Oral Herpes Virus exposed...
Oral Herpes Virus

Oral Herpes Virus

The oral herpes virus is a very common, very uncomfortable virus in the family of herpes viruses. In this article, we will tell you a little more about the virus and how it is treated.

What is the oral herpes virus?

The oral herpes virus is the virus that causes oral herpes, or herpes simplex one. Oral herpes causes blisters or cold sores on the lips or right around the lips area. The blister usually shows up in a period of stress or sickness and they can reoccur in the same spot each time.

What are fever blisters?

The fever blisters and cold sores that form from the oral herpes virus are usually fairly easy to detect. As we mentioned, they form on or around the lips and they start off as redness or soreness and then the actual blister will form.

The fluid-filled blister will swell and probably be very painful. This is also when it is most contagious. The blister will then ooze and you should always wash your hands after touching it or the surrounding area or you could spread it to other people or to other parts of your own body.

Treatment of Type 1 Herpes Simplex Virus

There is no cure for the herpes simplex virus but there are treatments that can be very helpful. Antiviral medications can slow or stop the growth of new blisters and can help the existing blisters dry up and crust over so they will heal quicker.

Medications for oral herpes most often take the form of a cream and many help with the pain and discomfort the blisters cause while also working to heal the blister and fight the virus.

If you feel you have fever blisters caused by oral herpes, you should see your doctor to see which method of treatment is best for you.

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