What are Oral Herpes Symptoms
Oral Herpes Symptoms

Oral Herpes Symptoms

You may have oral herpes and not even know it. Many people in the country have oral herpes but most people do not know the symptoms. The biggest reason for confusion with oral herpes is that people do not realize that it is the same thing as fever blisters or cold sores.

When someone says herpes, people think of sexually transmitted diseases and calling something a cold sore sounds a lot better than saying you have herpes on your mouth. Actually, there are several different herpes viruses in the herpes family besides genital herpes.

What Are The Symptoms of Oral Herpes?

The most common symptoms of oral herpes are, of course, the fever blisters. Many people will not notice the signs until the blisters actually appear. You may notice in time of stress or when you are physically ill, areas around your mouth and lips may tingle or feel tight. The area can be sore and tender before the blister forms and you may get a feeling of swelling in the area.

What Do The Fever Blisters Look Like?

How the fever blister looks will vary according to what stage it is in. After the redness and tingling stage, the blister will actually form and will be a reddish, fluid-filled bump. This is usually the most painful stage of the blister’s process. This is also the point where the herpes virus is most contagious. You must be careful not to spread it to others.

The blister will then burst and fluid will seep out. This seeping can be very painful. After seeping, the blister will start to dry up and crust over and eventually dry up completely.

If you do have fever blisters, you should see a doctor even though there are over-the-counter treatments available. Your doctor can then tell you if these OTC treatments are acceptable for you to use in the future.

Technology has made great improvements in the treatment of oral herpes and can offer you treatment that will ease your discomfort and cause your blisters to heal fast.

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