View Oral Herpes Pictures
Oral Herpes Pictures

Oral Herpes Pictures

How do you know if you have oral herpes? What does oral herpes look like? Can you get oral herpes on the tongue?

Oral herpes, or herpes simplex 1, is a viral infection that causes fever blisters or sores on the lips and mouth area. There are a lot of questions about oral herpes. Most people do not realize that there are actually about 8 different viruses in the herpes family. Oral herpes is of course, one of them.

Just because someone has a fever blister does not mean they have a sexually transmitted disease. Genital herpes and oral herpes are two very different viruses.

Various Pictures of Oral Herpes

You may want to see pictures to know if you have oral herpes. Well, first off understand that all oral herpes does not look exactly the same and every person’s blisters will not appear the same. There should be some similarities though. The following pictures will show you what one blister looks like and even several blisters or a cluster of blisters. Note: It is even possible for people to get sores on their tongue or other areas of the mouth.

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What Does Herpes Simplex 1 Look Like?

You can not diagnose yourself with oral herpes just by looking at a picture. If you think you may have it, you should always see a doctor for assistance. However, it doesn’t hurt to seek as much information as possible.

What Do Fever Blisters Look Like and How Do You Know When You Have One?

If you have a fever blister or cold sore, you may want to know what it looks like to positively identify it. Then you may want to see a doctor to learn what the best treatment is.

To recognize a cold sore over other sores, you need to know that it will come in stages. It begins with redness or a feeling or tightness or soreness at the site where the fever blister will appear. Usually they appear at the corners of the lips and the blisters tend to develop in the same spot each time.

In the second stage, the blisters will form and will be filled with fluid. Then the blisters will burst and fluid will seep. This is usually the most painful stage of the fever blister. Next the sores will dry up and start to crust over and then finally they will heal.

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