What is Herpes Simplex 2
Herpes Simplex 2

Herpes Simplex 2 - The Facts

What is herpes simplex 2?

Herpes simplex 2 is the virus that causes genital herpes. It is also know as HSV 2, or herpes type 2. These names all refer to the same virus.

Thousands of people are diagnosed with herpes simplex 2 each year and there is no cure. That means the number of infected people keeps growing.


HSV 1 can cause little or even no symptoms at all. Herpes is most often spread in this way when people do not notice an outbreak. When symptoms are present, they consist of:

  • Vaginal sores
  • Sores on the penis
  • Sores on the anal and or/perineal area
  • Sores on thighs
  • Sores on buttocks

There can even be sores or lesions of the urinary tract and the cervix although these would not be visible to the infected person. You may also experience pain and itching of the area and discharge from the sores and blisters.

You could also have a fever along with an outbreak and other flu-like symptoms such as headache and muscle aches.

Cure for genital herpes and HSV 2

There is no known cure for herpes type 2 and you can spread it to others through sexual contact. You should avoid sexual contact during an outbreak and always wash your hands if you have touched the infected area.

You can spread the herpes virus to other parts of your body if you have an open sore.

You can live comfortably with herpes simplex 2. In fact, many people are able to control their outbreaks and go for years without a recurrence. There are many medications to help if you have HSV 2.

It is also possible to spread herpes type 2 to the mouth through oral sex or herpes type 1 to the genitals through oral contact. This is not as common but is still possible.

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